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"You Surf on Lake Michigan?"

Most surfers these days have heard of the underground surf culture that surrounds the Great Lakes thanks to movies such as "Step Into Liquid" and "Unsalted."

However, Lake Surfers have answered the questions in the line-up at the more famous surfing destination for many years, and the responses we get are amazing.

Lake surfing is most defenitely different.

It's not a heard of surfers in the line-up, it's not territorial, everyone has the same chance of catching a wave, watching your friend catch the big one of the day is just as rewarding as catching it yourself.

Lake surfers are happy to see someone else that shares the passion, and to meet a new face that's as addicted to surfing as they are.

Lake surfing is a great experience!


Al Segreti @ Greenwood Beach, Evanston, IL
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